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News about London protests in April
Interview with Richard Pitchers about the Californian Constitutional Challenge
(Friday June 14th 12pm at Supreme Court, San Francisco)
News of the NCFM event later in June

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Hello and welcome to The Men’s Hour. Raymond Cuttill speaking.  The May programme seems to have become the June programme.  This is partly due to trying to get hold of Sue Edelman, the parliamentary representative in the Yukon who had the temerity to suggest that certain feminists might be rude and elitist and was effectively drummed out of the position of being women's minister. However eventually having got hold of her office, it was hinted that she probably wouldn't want to do an interview.  In effect the feminists in the Yukon have won.  After that I tracked down Richard Pitchers and got an interview, and then I fell ill which is why the May programme eventaully became the June programme.  Later on this month we may have some news for you.  The Natioanl Coalition of Free Men is doing a counter-event to the National Organsiation of Women convention.  The counter-event includes Warren Farrell, Trudy Schuett, Kathleen Parker and Wendy McElroy.  The last there being women who have one way or another supported the men's movement, and they will be debating various ideas about feminism including "Do men oppress women?".   I'm expecting to be there in Minneapolis on Friday 21st June.  I expect to record what happens there.  It might even be possible to do a live transmission although there are technical difficulties that haven't been sorted out yet, so we'll wait and see on that one.  We've also got a report of protests in London in April at the NSPCC and at a judge's house in London, and as I've meniotned before we've an interview with Richard Pitchers who is part of the constitutional challenge that is being presented on Friday 14th June to the Calfiornia Supreme Court in San Francisco.

London Protests in April

First a word about a protest that took place outside a judge's house in London on Sunday 21st April.  Here's a word from Brian.
Brian: We're here today at Parthenia Road otuside the house of a Family High Court judge name of Christopher Sumner, and the reason we're protesting is because of appalling injustices that have been meeted out to fathers in the High Court. For example, he jailed a father recently for 2 years just for going to Sue(?) to visit his sick mother. This is not Camp X-Ray.  This is the UK we're talking about.  This judge has no idea of the Magna Carta or any other rights that we have in this country.  They're just out of control.  
Raymond: What do you hope to achieve? Just to let them know you dis-satisfied?
Brian: We certainly want Family Court judges to become a little more uncomfortable.  We wnaat them to know that we know that they are doing an injustice to fathers and children in this country and in some cases mothers as well.  
Len of Live Beat Dads UK ( Basically, we went to Stevenage Road, near Fulham Football Ground and found that the Judge Christohpher Sumner and found out that he scampered a couple of weeks ago.  Hopefully, we think it was something to do with us.  Now we've come to his new address and unfortunately no-one is here.  If nothing else we're going to leave our mark, let him know we know where he is.  He can run, but he can't hide, and we are going to pursue him for as long as he is doing damage to our children.  

Richard Pitchers and the California Constitutional Challenge



That concludes the Men’s Hour for today. There's going to be a short boradcast on Sunday June 16th.  That'll be about the National Colaition of Free Men event in Minneapolis on 21st June.  So until then, thank and goodbye from the Men's Hour.

Friday 14th June 12pm
Supreme Court, San Francisco, California
Rally and presentation of constitutional challenge


Richard Pitchers
California Constitutional Challenge


Richard Pitchers